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About Omar Badreddin

Assistant Professor - Software Engineering and Healthcare Informatics. Model Driven Engineering.

Working at eVision

eVision is a medium sized Canadian firm working in the domain of Research Management. I was working mainly with Canada Foundation for Innovation. Judith Paradis was my direct manager.

My objective at eVision was to help integrate Business Process Management (BPM) activities with Business Analysis and Software Development. We deployed BPM to help in the documentation of business activities and to guide the development of a research management system. We used Process Models to enhance the efficiency of current processes and to build a TO-BE model. Later in the development life cycle we reused the BPM artifacts in building cost estimates, deliverable tracking, and training development.

After 18 months, we had succeeded in modeling the entire processes at CFI. We conducted a survey to assess the effectiveness of the BPM initiative. The summary of our BPM methodology and the results of the survey are documented in this white paper.

Working at University of Ottawa

I worked at University of Ottawa as a Lecturer, Postdoc, Research Assistant and Graduate Teaching Assistant. Here is a summary of my work in each capacity.

My tasks as a lecturer included teaching undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

As a postdoc, I worked with Daniel Amyot and Transport Canada. I was part of the team working on implementing an Operational Performance Framework.

Research Assistant and Graduate teaching Assistant jobs were held during my PhD years.

Working with IBM

Flights. Clients. Flights. Clients. Claim expenses. Think Pad. Send me a note.

I have worked at IBM from 2006 until 2011. I have worked within Rational and WebShere tools. I have contributed to the development of IBM WebSphere Business Modeler  WebSphere Business Monitor, Rational Portfolio Manager, and IBM Rational Software Architects. Working in the development labs is exciting, however, I have enjoyed facing clients and working closely to solving real life problems.

In my tenure with IBM, I have worked with Ned Bank in South Africa in preparation for the the 2010 world cup, I also worked with a number of car manufacturers (BMW, Skoda, and Fiat) to help with their modeling practices. In the financial industry, I worked with clients in implementing Process Re-engineering. I traveled to Vienna, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Cape town, Mannhiem, Zurich, New York, California, Croatia, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Amman, Riyadh.

In 2008, I became a visiting researcher at IBM Ottawa Laboratories (IBM Center for Advanced Studies and Collaborative Research). During this period, I worked closely with IBM development teams collaborating on solving numerous technical and non-technical challenges. I have promoted Umple, an experimental modeling tool, to the Rational Software Architect team. Umple now is under further development and is being used at AUTOSAR.