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Since May 2012, and until end of 2013, I was a Post doctorate fellow and a lecturer at University of Ottawa. I was working in collaboration with a team at Transport Canada to put in place an Operational Performance Framework. Our work involves creating Goal Models of regulations and collect KPI’s from inspection data. We attempt to evaluate goal model satisfaction and gain insights on compliance. During this period, I was also involved with a number of hospitals working on areas related to Clinical Pathway Management.

Between 2009 and 2010, I have worked with eVision and Canada Foundation for Innovation. My work involved creating Business Process Models for research grants reviewing processes. The work was an innovative use of Business Process Modeling (BPM) to model complex processes to enhance efficiency, predict and estimate future patterns, and to prioritize development tasks. The team used these models to estimate operational costs and to later develop much needed training material. We later conducted a survey to assess the innovative use of BPM.

Between 2008 and 2012 I have worked on completing a PhD degree. Dr. Timothy C. Lethbridge was my supervisor and mentor. My thesis was titled “A Manifestation of Model-Code Duality: Facilitating the Representation of State Machines in the Umple Model-Oriented Programming Language”. The PhD was funded by IBM and NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada).

In 2005, I have started working with IBM. During this time, I was exposed to a variety of roles and technologies. My interest in Modeling started during this period of time. I worked with ITSO (International Technical Support Organization), an organization within IBM concerned mainly with helping transfer technologies to IBM clients and partners. I was lucky to having the chance to write two books on areas of my interest during this period.

A list of my employers and a summary of my tasks can be found here.


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