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I always try to improve my teaching. If you are a current or a former student, Please contact me with your feedback, comments, and ways to improve.

I am passionate about teaching and I believe in the role the new technologies can play in improving the teaching and learning experiences. I strive, whenever possible, to deploy these tools in my classes.

I also believe exams should not only differentiate students, but also motivate them to learn and explore. My exams typically have the following characteristics. I include at least one question taken as-is from the labs or lecturing materials. I use test diagnostics techniques to identify difficulty levels of questions and question discrimination index. I try to make sure the exam results have a normal or near normal distribution.

This is all fine, but not enough. A good exam must motivate students to work harder, learn and explore, and foster their interest in the topic. So, how to make such an exam? This is an ongoing struggle. Students and mentors feedback is helping me achieve this goal.

Continue reading to Teaching Statement and Teaching Evaluation.


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