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Dr. Omar Badreddin

I am a researcher in the field of Software Engineering and Healthcare Informatics.

To support timely decision making processes at hospitals, data must be collected, analyzed, and presented to clinicians in a timely manner. This is difficult because, currently, many key performance and compliance data points are not captured or captured inconsistently and incompletely. Often, Electronic Healthcare Records are input from paper hours and days after the fact. A framework for integrated real-time analytics in healthcare is needed.

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Dr. Badreddin is actively involved in a series of projects in hospitals in Canada and the U.S that attempts to tackle this challenge. One project monitors patients flow in real time by deploying a next generation sensor network. Using big data analytics, the system can predict excessive delays before they occur. Another project monitors hand sanitization compliance levels and correlates data with in-hospital infection rates. In addition to reducing infections, the project attempts to uncover compliance patterns and suggest corrective measures. Using advanced process modeling and simulations, Dr. Badreddin is leading a project to improve inter-hospital patient transfers. These projects deploy a wide range of technologies, including RFID, Big Data, Raspberry Pi, Service Oriented Architecture, Complex Event Processing, Business Process Management, and Business Intelligence techniques to provide integrated real-time analytics capabilities.

My research interests include High Efficiency Healthcare systems, UML modeling, programming languages and code generation, Goal and Performance Modeling, compliance and requirement engineering. I consult regularly in the industry on topics related to Business Process Management and software engineering methodology. I am currently I am an IBM research scientist since 2008, and an Ex-IBM employee. I have contributed to a number of product developments that are in widespread use today, including WebSphere and Rational tools. I have also contributed to the development of Eclipse 3.2 to 3.5. I am a contributing member at Object Management Group (OMG).

I have expertise in the compliance and regulatory domain, banking and insurance, hospital, and care industries. A list of my active collaborators include Flagstaff Medical Centre, Ottawa Hospital, Osler Hospital, IBM, Mitacs, and GM.

You can view my publications and citations on Google’s Scholar My Citations, Microsoft Researcher Profile, LinkedIn, AcademiaResearchGateACM Digital Library, and DBLB.

I teach a speciality workshop on Business Process Management. For more information, click here.

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