I have consultancy experience in the following domains.

Business Process Management

Clients and Projects

BPM is a methodology that can compliment your requirement specification activities, or it can be a complete development approach. BPM can help organizations, among other things, understand and manage their processes and identify areas with high ROI rations. 

  • Create AS-IS BPM models.
  • Solicit process Information from stakeholders.
  • Construct a TO-Be models.
  • Establish BPM methodology, and ensure smooth integration with existing practices.
  • Ensure BPM models are reused in project management, dev task assignments, interface prototyping, and cost estimates.
  • Assess existing business processes, identify bottle necks, identify loop hals and potential conflict of interests.
  • Re-engineer processes to enhance efficiency and/or imprive throughput.
  • Process Monitoring and Business Intelligence dashboards

I teach a speciality workshop on Business Process Management. For more information, click here.

Change Management

Planned or unplanned, change will happen. Managing change can be costly and messy. I have experience in managing change within an organization due to introduction of new technologies, outsource business processes, or restructuring the business to reduce redundancy or increase throughout.

  • Identify a change management road-map.
  • Ensure proper communication for buy-in.
  • Implement continuous change management incremental.
  • Deploy and plan for appropriate technologies to manage and inflect change
  • Estimate costs associated with change using models of organizational structure and processes.

Software Development Methodology

Software costs too much? Can not deliver on time? Too many bugs? Customer dose not know what is needed, changing minds all the time? Need to adopt more modeling? Need to manage bugs, releases, builds?

  • Establish software development methodology that matches project characteristics (size, development team experience, domain, nature of applications)
  • Put in place the right infrastructure (tooling, continuous building server, repositories, etc.)
  • Identify roles and responsibilities
  • Establish Model Driven Development practices
  • Establish Test Driven Development practices
  • Reduce licencing costs
  • Ready for agile? Identify smooth agile adoption path

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