Research Statement

I strive to advance the practice and research of Software Engineering by innovating tools driven by empirical evidence. I have conducted research in model driven engineering, requirement engineering, compliance and performance modeling, development methodologies and software aging.

Performance and Compliance modeling (Postdoc research)

This research involved construction of Performance and Goal models of regulations. The models are used to calculate regulation compliance for a large regulatory institution working in the area of aviation security. Data generated from those models were used in IBM Cognos BI suite of tools to generate dynamic dashboards reflecting compliance patterns. The work is funded by Transport Canada and is in collaboration with Telfer School of Business and IBM. The team consisted of 5 PhD students, 2 master’s students, and a number of industrial stakeholders.

Model Driven Engineering (PhD research)

My PhD research was related to Model Orientation in Software Engineering. I have contributed to the development of the research tool called Umple; a model oriented programming language. I have also conducted a grounded their study and a controlled experiment. This work was awarded the best student paper award at CASCON 2012.

Software Ageing and Development methodologies

Over the years, I was involved in a number of other research projects. For example, I have worked in IBM research center on Software Aging, where we studied the phenomenon of degradation in performance in IBM server farms. We utilized neural networks to simulate and predict performance degradation. In my master’s degree, I have conducted research on software development methodology.

Future research

I would like to advance and expand research work in the area of software and requirement engineering. In particular, I would like to investigate why modeling practices continue to be limited in practice, what kind of modeling tools can enhance the adoption and advance the practice of modeling. I am a relentless believer in evidence based research and I insist to produce empirical evidence to motivate research and experimental development.


UML, BPM, Requirement Engineering, Software Engineering, Modeling,  State Machine, Goal Model, Performance Model, Compliance, Code Generation, Model Driven Engineering, Events Driven Systems, Meta-Modeling, Programming Languages, Prototyping, Empirical Studies, Grounded Theory, Controlled Experimentation, MDA.