Working with IBM

Flights. Clients. Flights. Clients. Claim expenses. Think Pad. Send me a note.

I have worked at IBM from 2006 until 2011. I have worked within Rational and WebShere tools. I have contributed to the development of IBM WebSphere Business Modeler  WebSphere Business Monitor, Rational Portfolio Manager, and IBM Rational Software Architects. Working in the development labs is exciting, however, I have enjoyed facing clients and working closely to solving real life problems.

In my tenure with IBM, I have worked with Ned Bank in South Africa in preparation for the the 2010 world cup, I also worked with a number of car manufacturers (BMW, Skoda, and Fiat) to help with their modeling practices. In the financial industry, I worked with clients in implementing Process Re-engineering. I traveled to Vienna, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Cape town, Mannhiem, Zurich, New York, California, Croatia, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Amman, Riyadh.

In 2008, I became a visiting researcher at IBM Ottawa Laboratories (IBM Center for Advanced Studies and Collaborative Research). During this period, I worked closely with IBM development teams collaborating on solving numerous technical and non-technical challenges. I have promoted Umple, an experimental modeling tool, to the Rational Software Architect team. Umple now is under further development and is being used at AUTOSAR.