BPM Clients and Projects

Summary of projects and clients where I was involved as a BPM consultant.

Ned Bank, South Africa (2010)

Ned Bank is the largest bank in South Africa. I have worked with the IT department in the bank to help them adopt BPM methodology to streamline some of their business activities. I was also involved in a technology transfer sessions with a number of senior management team at the bank. Our work was crucial in expanding capacity in the face of 2010 world cup that was held in South Africa.

Canada Foundation for Innovation, Canada (2011)

I have lead the initiative to map some of CFI’s internal processes concerned with project initiation, review, outcome and financial post award. I have helped put in place a BPM methodology and tooling with little disturbance to existing practices.

CIB Bank, Egypt (2009)

Modeling or a number of customer facing processes helped CIB bank understand the time and effort needed to accomplish objectives, estimate the number of visits of clients. We used the models to predict clients inflows and plan for significant spikes of clients. We have also constructed a TO-BE model that increases efficiency and throughput. I have used a number of IBM tools, including IBM WebSphere Business Modeling, Monitor, and Process Server.

Housing Bank, Jordan (2009)

I was invited by the bank (PMO office) to help assess the value of initiating a BPM activities. I was involved in the kick off period and contributed to methodology choices and tools. My work involved the identification of a need for Portfolio Management methodology, where the PMO office must manage a number of competing projects. At the time, I have contributed to the deployment of IBM Portfolio Manager tool.

Mobily, Telecom sector, Saudi Arabia (2007)

The telecom sector is a fast growing sector in many economies. I have worked with Mobily during a boom of the number of their subscriptions. Mobily needed to revamp how they manage customer support, call centers, operations, auctioning of subcontracts, and managing maintenance procedures of their infrastructure and hardware installations. I have worked with their middle level engineers to put in place a core team responsible for modeling of processes. The objective was focused on managing existing operations and there was little time or capacity to implement change.

Austrian Government (2007)

I have worked with a core team of engineers to establish an extensive Model Driven Engineering project (details of which was outside of my scope). I have delivered an intensive 5 day workshop where a vision for the tool requirements and how the tools would integrate and work together were demonstrated.

IBM Lab, Amsterdam, Zagreb, Vienna (2007)

I have delivered a proof of concept for a portfolio of tools (involving Rational and WebSphere) that supports a Process Driven Software Engineering.

Egyptian Government (2006)

I have worked with a team from IBM to implement a major revamping of the Egyptian Government’s land registration system. Our response for an RFP was accepted, and we have implemented a ‘by the book’ BPM project. AS_IS processes were mapped from employees, and we constructed TO-BE models after consultations. The new systems enabled the government to collect billion’s worth of taxes over the years.