Concise guide for finding a faculty position

Four steps, Prepare application package, identify target universities, customize and apply, interviewing.

1. Prepare application package
This includes complete C.V, research statement, teaching statement, generic cover letter, list of referees, and sample writing.

2. Identify target universities
If you are not willing to live in China, then do not apply to a university there. Be realistic and apply only to universities where you are willing to move to if you got an offer. Elimenate schools and positions where you know you do not have a chance at acceptance.

3. Customize and Apply
While you can customize all of your application package, this may be too tediouse. I advice for customizing only a cover letter. The cover letter should demonstrate that you studied the position, the department, and the research of a few faculty members.

4. Interviewing
This is the toughest part. It requires significant effort and time investment. Most likely you will have to travel to the university, see multiple faculty members and give a talk. No advice here on travel and meeting faculty members. Just be yourself and relax.

The talk must be impressive. You must have deep understanding of the nature of the faculty you are joining and what their expectations is. If it is a teaching-focused job, then your talk must focus on teaching, and the same for research oriented faculties. Focus on the future and outline your road map. Support this by evidence of what you have accomplished.